My new range of greeting cards!

Hello everyone! It’s been a long while since I have written a blog post due to the full time graphic design job taking over; but I am back and have just released a new range of greetings cards on Etsy! Check them out at

Introducing Lena the lemur!

For my range of greetings cards, I wanted to capture one of my favourite wild animals. Full of character with their big bold reflective eyes, long striped tails and human-like hands, I couldn’t resist!


Introducing Frederick the squirrel

With their beautiful iconic red coats and long fluffy ears, seeing these animals in their natural environment in the UK is very rare. The red squirrel is still under threat by the grey squirrel from America, which was introduced into this country in the 1870s.

For this collection, I wanted to raise awareness for the red squirrel and celebrate the beauty of this British woodland animal that still need to be saved from extinction.


If you like these designs, check out my other greetings cards on my Etsy sight.

Katie Liz


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