Exploring Lydford Gorge, Devon

Located on the western edge of Dartmoor National Park, Lydford Gorge is the deepest Gorge in the South West. And of course, it wouldn’t be a British holiday without a bit of rain! 


But in this case, it created one of the most spectacular sights of the trip; as the water from the Lyd River immensely cascaded off the gorge’s most impressive feature, the 90ft Whitelady Waterfall. The strength of the waterfall not only looks remarkable, but also contributes to the nurturing of plant life and benefits the surrounding wildlife. No wonder the mosses, ferns and trees create such an impressive green environment!


At approximately 1.5 miles away, is the Devils Cauldron, the gorge’s other most spectacular sight. Walking by the river, be prepared for unstable ground as you walk across the rocky pathway: This walk is definitely one for walking boots!

Eventually you will come to a dark ravine, surrounded by rock faces that are camouflaged with mosses and ferns. Concealed in the ravine is a giant pothole that has been created by the water that has flowed through the rocks with immense force. As you step down the naturally protruding steps, you will come to a platform where you can get a view of the cauldron. This is when you can hear the roar of the Devil’s Cauldron at its loudest!

IMG_0959.JPGYes, those narrows steps you can see on the left are the ones leading down to the viewing platform at the Devil’s Cauldron!

Overall, a brilliant walk! If you would like to visit, there are two car parks located near the Waterfall and the Devil’s Cauldron. Owned by the National Trust, Adult tickets cost £9.80 (gift aid included) and £4.90 for a child (gift aid included). NT members go free!




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